4 big move are environmental protection ministry thrust augmentation of Shaanxi
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On September 25, 2008, zhou Shengxian of minister of environmental protection ministry interviews Shaanxi to save group of flood peak of governor Yuan Chunqing, vice-governor in environmental protection ministry, both sides strengthens Shaanxi to saved environmental protection job to exchange an opinion. Yuan Chunqing's governor represents government of Shaanxi provincial Party committee, province to work to Shaanxi offerring environmental protection since environmental protection ministry is long-term above all support energetically and the help thankses. He says, in recent years government of Shaanxi provincial Party committee, province regards the breach that fulfils science to develop view, change to develop way as the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon, come two years continuously, through carrying out structural adjustment, construction to pollute processing project and aggrandizement quantify assessment, in complete province economic growth maintains while 15 % influence rate, two main contaminant discharge implementation " double drop " . The specific issue of the main condition that flood peak vice-governor works with respect to Shaanxi environmental protection and existence made brief report. Zhou Shengxian's minister takes a team to visit environmental protection ministry to express to welcome to Yuan Chunqing's governor. He values environmental protection job to height of government of Shaanxi provincial Party committee, province, catch in firm energy-saving decrease industry of processing of river of platoon, short for Weihe River, papermaking to rectify a large number of fruitful jobs that wait for field place to do to express admiration and acknowledgment. Zhou Shengxian's minister saves environmental protection job to put forward to suggested at 3 o'clock to current Shaanxi. It is pollution decreases a platoon to want to capture " 3 keys " , namely: Construction of desulphurization project, sewage treatment plant and papermaking industry are rectified; 2 it is to increase water pollution of region of river of short for Weihe River to administer, shut stoutly what discharge tall pollution, high is backward produce can, start working builds a batch of typical projects; 3 it is to strengthen environmental protection orgnaization and ability construction. Tension of undersecretary of environmental protection ministry army attended to interview, offerred a proposal to job of Shaanxi environmental protection. The talk reached finally at 4 o'clock opinion: The first, environmental protection ministry will support work of Shaanxi environmental protection from 5 respects henceforth. It is processing of supportive catchment water pollution, increase industry to pollute prevention and cure; 2 it is construction of supportive zoology protection, begin zoology to compensate the job; 3 it is support is begun " water of river of short for Weihe River is special " , offer environmental protection science and technology to prop up; 4 it is construction of groove guard of supportive zoology function; 5 it is 3 great ability build system of supportive environmental protection, give on capital tilt. The 2nd, the Chongzhongzhi of " of program of prevention and cure of water pollution of catchment of the upper reaches in polluting region of river of short for Weihe River processing to regard " as the Yellow River is heavy, hair of positive harmonious state changes appoint go up to give to Shaanxi province in project and financing arrangement with the Ministry of finance tilt and support. the key city inside region of river of short for Weihe River pollution administers the job to bring into " program " offer guidance, give from project and financing arrangement tilt and support. Supportive Shaanxi saves water quality to monitor station construction automatically, had done the water quality that cross a boundary to monitor the work. The 3rd, support construction of groove guard of function of zoology of level of state of mountain of the Qin Dynasty. Supportive Shaanxi begins zoology village to found, to reaching level of village of national level zoology give name, strive for central finance to give award. The 4th, right Ge of king of Yu forest city blocks reservoir project, god up Yu forest of project of chemical industry of coal of China contented family name and Yan mine 1 million tons / year coal is indirect liquefacient project, should clutch report annulus to judge transaction, environmental protection ministry will organize evaluation as soon as possible. To regarding local irrigation water as the Yu of source and fountainhead of industrial water supply forest city king Ge blocks reservoir up, environmental protection ministry will give actively support.

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