Chinese import demand puts delay 59 countries are right China exit enjoys growth
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After afterwards China exports amplitude to drop apparently, global economy is turbulent the negative effect that imports commerce to China also begins to show. According to statistic, the whole world shares 59 countries to be in 1-7 month is right this year China exit appears compared to the same period negative growth, in former years of Yuan Chao of this one word. A few days ago, international market of academy of collaboration of economy of international trade of Department of Commerce studies Bai Ming of department vice director expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, in associate of 200 many commerce, 59 countries are opposite China exit appears negative growth. Because in former years did not appear the negative growth circumstance of so large area, and include Portuguese, Greek, White Russia and Finland inside a few relatively as close together as relationship of Chinese classics trade countries, also appear this in negative growth list, this one phenomenon is worth to take seriously. In addition, of Chinese foreign trade weaken return body to be opposite in a few countries now China the amplitude of exit glides somewhat on. The data that website of Department of Commerce published a few days ago shows, thailand of before this year 8 months is right China exit compared to the same period amplitude falls to 24.7%% , predicting annual increase rate is 18%%-22%% , under the 26.3%% last year. Now year 1-8 month, singapore is right China export 22.1 billion dollar, grow 6.6 % compared to the same period, amplitude under last year the 7.3 % of the corresponding period. Import demand of China is putting delay, international society division of labor begins to cool, and all these results from American finance storm. Research center of peaceful China farmer released a report to say a few days ago, american banking crisis causes global economy to put delay, suffer this blow, import demand of China and industrial production begin to show the sign that put delay. Bai Ming expresses, chinese exit is little, need changeless circumstance to fall inside, the entrance can decrease naturally. And global economy is low fan cause market demand fatigued and weak, foreign trade quantity glides is the most country is common now difficult problem on the world. Face financial storm, many experts think " expand inside need " it is the good plan that China explores an outlet, bai Ming expresses to agree with this one viewpoint. Nevertheless, "Expand inside it is easy to need to say, want to let common people be willing to consume truly, those who return so that rely on system, policy is complete. " his citing says, if the system such as education, provide for the aged gets perfecting, eliminate common people the uncertainty of long-dated life, consumer can lessen worry, money is put less in the near future floriferous money.

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