Center of research and development of China of accept Er division holds water
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Company of accept Er family announced center of its China research and development recently in Suzhou development of new and high technology holds water formally, this is the another major move that company of accept Er family increases pair of China markets to throw. Richard Bendure of president of operation of business of division of Erik Fyrwald of president of whole world of accept Er division, Asia-Pacific and Ma Ming of general manager of division of Na Erke China health attended jointly hang out one's shingle ceremony. This center aims advantage of talent of area of have the aid of, develop the team of research and development of a world-class, strengthen a company to serve a level in the industry of China and Asia-Pacific area, assist what industrial client reduces water and the sources of energy to use up, reduce pollution to discharge, improve productivity, to can last of the client development provides strong technical support. At present the center already built and start lab of project of project of imitate of industrial circulation cooling water, pulp and papermaking lab, biology, introduce system of NASS of pulp of accept Er division and platform of papermaking core technology from the United States. According to central controller Dr. Shen Jiankun introduces, will not 3 years still mix technology of work up mineral separation, petrifaction analytic lab, at the appointed time project of central research and development will cover the field such as water natural resources, papermaking, petro-chemical, mining industry, steely, electron and municipal project, the technology that in time contented China and Asia-Pacific area client grow increasingly serves demand.

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