British labor alliance warns cable industry to presswork to develop to forestall
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Company of British news international (News International) invest build of 660 million pound 3 big new plants, already carried on now the job. For this, secretary-general of assistant of British labor alliance holds Ni Baike in the palm to be on the plenary meeting of British labor alliance that the middle ten days of a month will hold in September, express to sign up for course of study to presswork to England the worry of place. He points out, the new plant of news international company can presswork one day 25 million ~ 30 million newspaper, it is England current national newspaper imprints quantity (10 million ~ 11 million) of 2 times. His warning says: "After British labor alliance has thought a few years, the newspaper print of whole country and place Wu is possible by a company -- forestall of place of news international company. " while   Bai Ke pays close attention to news international, critically still the strong opponent lens of news international company signs up for a group. Because be before number week, group of British lens newspaper and news exploration group (Newsquest) announce, they will incorporate print Wu, and this meeting creates much home the factory is shut and nearly 180 workers are unemployed. Bai Ke says: "A company (news international company) already had a large number of private broadcast and national newspaper to publish business, if control so much newspaper again publish, go against public interest. " to this, news international and lens newspaper group reject to publish a comment to his warning.

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