Zhejiang Chinese lane pressworks originality garden lays a foundation
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Do not call industry garden, and call originality garden, because Zhejiang saves sea salt county,100 paces town already pressworked via realizing the wing that the industry inserts above paragraphs to change originality only, just can break through low administrative levels compete " the Red Sea " , hover in " La Hai " . On September 28, zhejiang Chinese lane pressworks originality garden held foundation stone laying ceremony in 100 paces town. Brand print is the characteristic industry that 100 paces press down sea salt county, it is north of short for Zhejiang Province is the biggest presswork collect the ground. 2007, this town implementation pressworks production value 560 million yuan, 28 presswork limited company, 400 many presswork partner. Current, already formed from printing ink, paper, plate making, presswork, laminating arrives those who carry is complete presswork industrial catenary. "Because of originality, print just can have very strong osmosis force and extensive shirt-sleeve sex. This kind of confluence is be in harmony of Wu of technology, culture, production kimono an organic whole, what be helpful for an industry already is outspread, extended development space of the industry greatly again. " Zhejiang Chinese lane pressworks chief says related originality garden. Be based on such concept just about, zhejiang Chinese lane pressworks originality garden does production not only treatment secondary industry, still make a service model tertiary industy; Wait to the respect develops ceaselessly and be perfected in hardware equipment, quality management not only, more high quality software appreciation is offerred to serve to the client in the respect such as originality of artistic design, plan. Run through pattern of integrated type trade, form with pressworking treatment is dominant, collect pressworks originality of service, artistic design, plan, education grooms at an organic whole classical presswork area of industrial originality garden.

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