Zhejiang sea peace is comprehensive punish pressworks pollution of industry wast
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Bureau of environmental protection of Hai Ning city will disclose on September 27, presswork to solve industry environment pollutes a problem, stimulative industry can grow continuously, a few days ago, sea peaceful municipal government came on stage " whole town pressworks industry organic waste gas is special method of punish rewards and punishment " . As we have learned, this " method " specific to rewarding policy to make provision, presswork namely after enterprise punish amounts to mark, with was 2007 fiducial, according to company total production value different, respectively one-time give 30 thousand yuan / the home goes to 200 thousand yuan / domestic award. Promotive fund is arranged by finance of Hai Ning city, origin is environmental protection special fund. In the meantime, " method " returned what fail to complete repair job company to expiring to penalize to set, namely in nonperformance of the refus inside formulary time punish of organic waste gas works or short of punish asks, divide outside wanting to collect exhaust emission to expend to its, uniform till shut,carry out deadline processing, stop production processing lawfully. To the business that public proclamation closes, industrial and commercial wait for a branch to cancel deadline, card is illuminated related revoke. In addition, " method " right still presswork industry the time of special punish made organic waste gas be made clear further, ask namely this city was finished before the bottom 2010 all pressworking the punish of the enterprise works.

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