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Since January 2008, newspaper already was experienced 3 rounds substantially rise in price, at present the price already reached every tons 6200 yuan or so, aggregate rise in price extent exceeds 40% , battalion of already giving a newspaper brought enormous pressure. As newspaper price climb all the way litre, zhejiang saves what the price of partial the press also had different rate to go up. According to statistic, zhejiang saves the newspaper that uses up every year to amount to 190 thousand tons, the price of newspaper is climbed rise those who make Zhejiang signs up for course of study to run a newspaper cost raised 180 million yuan every year. Current, the newspaper office that this province has close in part adopts the measure that raise price to alleviate pressure. Cable industry is faced with severe hazard Zhejiang to save daily of vice-chairman of association signing up for course of study, Zhejiang to sign up for trade group assistant president to hold general manager concurrently Wang Yiyi is being accepted " Chinese news publishs a newspaper " when the reporter is interviewed, say, the triplet that place of group of newspaper of short for Zhejiang Province belongs to measures the biggest daily paper with paper " Zhejiang daily " , " Qian Jiang evening paper " and " now morning paper " all do not raise price. Newspaper went up 3 times this year valence, this is global cost is driven model rise in price, be in short-term inside impossible fall after a rise. Although somewhat fall after a rise also is in the fall after a rise on perch, to signing up for course of study development is an acid test. Wang Yiyi thinks, carry valence and decrease edition it is expedient only, cannot from go up at all the development problem that solves cable industry. Secretary-general of committee of newspaper of Zhejiang province major, " Zhejiang the Workers'Daily " Yu Baihong tells deputy editor in chief the reporter, a lot of major sign up for what had distinct range to raise price. " Zhejiang the Workers'Daily " by raise 170 yuan 126 yuan every year before, " traffic travel gazette " by raise 150 yuan 120 yuan every year before, " newspaper of Zhejiang legal system " by raise 170 yuan 132 yuan every year before, " market gazette " by original raise 150 yuan 128 yuan every year. Yu Baihong says, newspaper price rise gave each old professional newspaper to cause not little impact, former the professional newspaper with good operation is very old in this process one share profit is risen in price " eat " smooth, and operation of a few itself signs up for with respect to unfavorable major is one disaster after another more. Yu Baihong thinks, the attune on the price of professional newspaper is action of a kind of market, it is to be helpful for newspaper lasting of healthy progress. The general pressure that newspaper rises in price to be caused to entire industry, just rings alarm bell noisy to professional newspaper, want to get used to market pressure, it is to raise price not just so simple, and should change traditional profit pattern, recognize situation, broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure, widen diversified economy channel. A controller represents department of progress of facilities of group of trade of Zhejiang daily cable, zhejiang daily signs up for trade group to began to increase the stocks of paper from last year. Newspaper rises in price is a development process that the market adumbrates actually, the newspaper office wants pursuit to be able to develop duratively, cost is digested in scroll operation. Open train of thought to realize transition signing up for course of study to upgrade the attune on the price of   newspaper, newspaper is beyond the besides newspaper price that the reader cares most add edition reduce edition problem. Face the demand of the market and reader double respect, zhejiang province signs up for trade group and newspaper office to seek first-rate to balance a dot in succession each, digest rise in price brought pressure. Be like a basis newspaper is actual circulation, day-to-day adjust and each district of make known to lower levels imprints the dot imprints capacity index, compress in-house work to give a newspaper to wait with newspaper, society. To this, yu Baihong expresses, no matter be moved on the price of newspaper, entire industry must open train of thought, will achieve close to be united in wedlock with managing photograph, change traditional pattern, assist with diversified economy means distribute the work. Wang Yiyi points out, should rise in price to newspaper the transition that long-term root nature settles way is cable industry upgrades, rise in price this global newspaper namely serve as " force mechanism " , the transition that will add wall bulletin job further upgrades, transformation force is motivation, drive a newspaper job is new round development. He says, because newspaper rises in price, short for Zhejiang Province signs up for a group to want 45 million yuan to raise pay this year, want much defray next year nearly 100 million yuan. Main daily does not carry the triplet that place of group of newspaper of short for Zhejiang Province belongs to valence, it is from what talk politics angle considers, do not rise for prices add fuel to the fire; The 2 ego digestive capability that are a group are stronger. Come nearly 5 years, management accrual of diversity of newspaper of short for Zhejiang Province is achieved 600 million multivariate, predict diversity manages accrual to will achieve 200 million yuan or so this year. Newspaper of short for Zhejiang Province upgrades from transition, structural adjustment will digest paper to rise in price brings influence. When the opinion that is in charge of a branch to the government when refer and requirement, everybody has resonance very much. " restful times " Li Wen water says the editor in chief, the government is in charge of a branch to carry price issue to answer a newspaper office to make the front respond to with respect to newspaper, run a newspaper goodly in order to create environment. The social beneficial result of newspaper is enormous, answer about the branch from consolidate the news of the party publicizes public opinion position, preferential the supply that assures domestic newspaper and the angle that stabilize newspaper market, take the outlet of newspaper of measure adjusting control, alleviate the supply and demand of domestic newspaper is contradictory, in order to stablize domestic newspaper price. The government sector should expand the demand of view according to science, emphasis program, equitable distribution, raise the yield of newspaper, with transforming as soon as possible passive situation. Yu Baihong thinks, the government ought to be climbed to the price of newspaper litre undertake proper keep within limits, the protection with should give certain to each major Nemesis and give aid to. Capture a reader to rise ceaselessly run a newspaper the quality that newspaper can pay close attention to more while quality   reader accepts newsprint price to change, will judge the actor of low quality of newspaper with higher level. Should speak of run a newspaper when quality, wang Yiyi says, the transition that wants the content that finish above all upgrades, should widen and make deep reader service and information product, in mix for the society oneself expand while the reader creates greater value. Wang Yiyi discloses, short for Zhejiang Province signs up for a group to will increase the strength that transition upgrades further. Throwing recently gigantic endowment invite 3 well-known advisory companies to upgrade to framework of the strategic development of the group, organization, transition have proof, in keep original while with industrial property equity invests, the domain that shifts the emphasis culture industry comes up, true implementation " medium controls capital, capital expands medium " concept. Yu Baihong thinks, run a newspaper of quality rising is project of a system, run a newspaper of cost rising is to mix run a newspaper quality not conflicting. Because of newspaper suffer numerous it is a reader, favour degree of the reader is the value that newspaper exists, the first tenet that runs a newspaper so is everything sets out from the reader's interest. Water expresses Li Wen, " restful times " can hold an informal discussion to basic level more, listen to an opinion, improve in time run a newspaper quality; In deliver respect, strengthen management; Provide dimension authority service for the reader. "Rising in price is not a purpose, the key is to should make good paper, rise run a newspaper quality. " how did abundant of order of president of young times company raise newspaper quality to sum up at 3 o'clock: Above all, when the medium of good transmission, offer the good implied meaning that has depth, capture focus, heat, big to weighing event more want deepness report to analyse; Next, relax eye shot, capture a reader, say the reader wants to say, say the reader wants to listen; Finally, strengthen interactive, the weakness of paper intermediary depends on lack interacting, want to enhance the connection between newspaper and reader.

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