American intermediary metamere makes an appointment with cost newspaper quality
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Investigation of a media of American says, newspapers of American each size to save cost, and cut down the hand of editorial office, cut down the member of persons employed make press briefer and briefer, and go up in place and community news centrally. International news, whole nation news and commerce, science and artistic report are very few, a lot of newspaper still reduced game of a riddle about a character or word, cancelled TV program and share column. Launch this investigation " high grade news is special " personnel says, the challenge with the urgentest now newspaper is, how to increase income through Internet. Newspapers management layer needs " before the competitive advantage that cuts down editorial office hand causes paper disappears, find in network reader group the method that how makes money below the circumstances of mushroom. " this investigation says: "Of American newspaper enclothe face and reportorial limits to be in contractible, the reader also decreases accordingly, became small many media. " although international is mixed on domestic news newspaper, final also be to be put in not quite remarkable layout. The reason clearly that editorial office cuts down the member of persons employed: Paper and presswork cost rises, more ad business makes ad in Internet, the circulation of newspaper slides considerably etc. Wuleinike of head of department of Bostonian university news says: "Although newspaper still is the news source with the oldest people up to now, but the problem of American journalism already began to appear. "

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