American development raises flat to presswork the environmental protection print
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Message of lake of north of American Yi Linuo Yi, presswork the industry is seeking the printing ink solution that can promote manufacturing efficiency to be able to improve quality again already all the time, brand-new now the Kohl&MaddenTriumph™ flat that upgrade pressworks printing ink pressworks implementation this one desire of the industry, and this printing ink used technology of low VOC printing ink, its raw material comes from but renewable resources, and can be shown presswork admirably the effect. Triumph printing ink suits all flat to presswork, big to exceeding special model presswork equipment is not exceptional also. This printing ink is had be able to bear or endure outstandingly attrition function and colour stability, the different glossiness such as the exterior disappear light of the OK and contented design that pack, zero dioptre asks. The flat of Triumph printing ink pressworks performance is excellent, can ensure in high speed black-and-white the condition issues those who attain ideal to presswork the effect, rose to presswork efficiency. Regard the sun as chemistry (SunChemica) one of products of green science and technology, the solid lubricious sex with Triumph outstanding printing ink, can huge improves black-and-white efficiency, fast and dry characteristic gifted printing ink coating is able to bear or endure wonderfully attrition function.

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