Dongguan Yong Runyin brushs mill boss to be missing 1500 creditor lose way
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On September 17 in the morning 8 when 30 minutes, dongguan city is big Yong Runcai of industrial district of pond of Lang Zhenyang hole imprints paper products limited company prevent the boss is missing, collective of more than 1500 employee is unemployed. 17 days in the morning 8 when 30 minutes, discover when workers cannot start working and the boss does not have sign, oneself salary of two half moon unexpectedly a single cent or penny was not taken, then 1500 more than person collects factory doorway. The Huang Cao that the spot maintains order bright the public security personnel of police station discloses, labor department and bank are calculating the worker's wage in nervous centrosphere. In " collection of data of company of investment of Dongguan city foreign trader 2000 " in about " Dongguan city invested the statistic of abroad company directory that exceeds 1 million dollar in June 1999 " mention expressly inside form: Prevent family name Yong Runcai imprints paper products limited company already at be in before June 1999 Guan invests 2.17 million dollar. But, always embellish between one night group dragon is derelict, at least 1500 creditor lose way immediately. An in-house staff of this company introduces, this enterprise has been in early a few years ago " the condition that is in administrative out of control " . A sectional manager says: "Occurrence problem of company capital catenary, the paper of family firm had carried dock, employ a person to come back its carry without money however " . A financial personnel expresses: "Defaulting the family's money is above of half an year just pays commonly, some is in even a year of above. " according to interior of another high level personnel discloses, employee is defaulted salary is two months above commonly, gross ability is controlled 6 million yuan. And at present only with always the equipment inside embellish factory does guaranty to be able to be worth 4 ten million yuan above, "Prevent the boss goes accordingly person, the indebted amount that owes a supplier it is thus clear that has how old. " a relevant controller represents local government: "Can assure the legitimate rights and interests of every worker as far as possible, at present part of labor, goods and materials has undertaken constituent harmony relevant work, assure to meet corresponding problem is solved inside 24 hours. " yesterday morning 10 when make, the worker begins to queue up to prepare to get pay, personnel already was made clear to employee related labor bureau state meeting all extends full pay. Always the workingwoman A duckweed of embellish this year 53 years old, come Guan has 10 old, 17 days in the morning, after she receives a boss to take the word of fellow, in faint of the within an inch of on the cement ground before dormitory building. A Ping says: "My this age do not go up to fall, ability is 16 the son years old, read for him even, go applying for a job additionally, not easy. " the home says in the Laozhang of Hubei Wuhan: "Now here it is not easy to make money, home town the progress there is good. I had prepared north to go up. " to this kind of phenomenon, king of famous media person leaves to explain so: "What foreign worker reachs hold together of its lowest cost is medium coolie factory, low end the crossing that service industry walked along awkwardness " . It is at the door the company, always the supplier of embellish people means of the full name that is surrounded in desk edge to begin to write oneself, address, connection. Among them yuan the supplier offers a piece of announcement that urge a fund to the reporter, writing above " expensive department owes my department to borrow money 2345533.47 yuan... " another supplier is anxious: "I open plant of one wife and children, was owed hundred thousands of yuan this, if take,do not come back, close down this accordingly for certain. " in industrial district of foreign hole pond always on the street near benefit firm, a lot of shop already approved the ground one batch to close down. Everywhere sees the iron gate upper part of lock hanging letting billboard. "The boss went, the works fell, the person is empty. " the boss of a cafeteria says, "Although be repast time, inside his cafeteria however neither one guest " . It is reported, limited company established money of Hong Kong embellish 1984, 1993, its subsidiary Dongguan prevent family name Yong Runcai imprints paper products limited company holds water.

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