Shan head print suffers fully " paper is expensive " concussion
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"Tall paper value " the force with which sth breaks out is roaring in recent years, paper value is climbed all the way litre, especially last year since second half of the year, the price of of all kinds paper rises more quickly, from common presswork paper arrives newspaper, arrive from wrapping paper face tissues, all without exception rises in price one after another. Course of study of edition of print, new scent, life waits relevant domain a moment to suffer concussion fully with paper company, especially countrywide each district signs up for course of study, carry valence to answer the paper with this roaring the force with which sth breaks out to rise in price in succession agitation. "Tall paper value " the times has come, "Petty gain crosses paper " the view already lost conviction, any consumption related to paper begin to face demand and price between measure. Today, we arrive from the phenomenon germ, from macroscopical arrive microcosmic, with news gimmick all-around the ground explains for you " tall paper value " panorama. In successive years comes, the price of paper rises ceaselessly, go up the biggest are pushed " white edition paper " , every tons went up 1300 multivariate. In Shan head, suffer paper to rise in price the nothing is more... than with the biggest impact pressworks industry, rise in price in this in wind, business operator breathes out greatly headache, some treatment generator must accordingly " knock off " . Shan head print affects the range is the widest in recent years, shan head city pressworks the industry that pack grows quickly, thousands of existing enterprise year total production value exceeds 10 billion yuan, had become our country the biggest presswork production of the film that pack, wholesale base. Accordingly, rise in price again and again when paper when, shan head print suffers serious percussive to affect extent nature is the biggest also. "Paper is in all the time rise in price, the paper of class A white edition that we use at most, from every tons 3850 yuan rise 5150 yuan. Raw material rocket, caused the compression of profit space, a few earn the project that is less than money to be forced to be not done, for this also prediction of a person's luck in a given year many clients. " mention paper raw material rise in price, shan head roc brightness presswork plant operator Mr Chen appears a little helpless. Mr Chen introduces, since last year, domestic paper price rises continuously, newspaper rises in price, culture rises in price with paper, pack rise in price with paper, most the life of the people's livelihood of press close to also is in with paper rise in price, rise in price each variety that agitation involves paper almost. Mr Chen says: "Raw material rises in price attribute normal phenomenon, but in former years is to have go up have drop, and from last year second half of the year begins, the price of paper rose not to drop only. " it is reported, begin from 2004, the pulp of the international market and waste paper spurt in prices, 2005 the price somewhat fall after a rise. But rise from 2006, the price of pulp and waste paper rises again. Can say, of price of papermaking producer goods rising considerably is the main factor that paper rises in price. Already signed sheet but gnash one's teeth maintains print forcedly the personage inside travel ever the gentleman speaks of, of raw material price rise to rise with respect to what mean cost, the price that rise pushed the profit that produces an unit. To already signing the manufacturing order of the contract, they can gnash one's teeth is maintained forcedly, original to those profit spaces very small client, can abandon only. Shan head pressworks there is many returning in the enterprise do foreign trade business, so besides suffer paper to rise in price outside the influence, the change of dollar exchange rate also lets operator suffer again inflict heavy losses on. Understand according to him, wide before hand in meeting, autumn hand in during can be being held, shan head pressworks not less the enterprise is headed for attend contend for take the business, but below the double pressure that rises in price to change with dollar exchange rate in paper this year, everybody dare not accept the order blindly. Rise in price in this paper in disturbance, big company still can be propped up maintain, a few small companies especially a few treatment small mill bears hard deficit and close a business. "We now is small profit, having benefit is deficit even " , public figure of a few industry is mirrorred, rise in price for beat back disturbance, they broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure of try every means, improve efficiency, reduce cost from each respects. According to saying, this year in September, paper raw material appears eventually a bit " become loose " , fall after a rise of paper of every tons of white edition goes to 4500 yuan, and white paperboard also from the height every tons drop 7600 yuan 6800 yuan. This to pressworking also can be to pant a little only for the enterprise. The personage inside course of study is forecasted, the prices this year can not lose money in business with respect to very lucky, as to next year, reckon price of paper raw material still may rise, print still pressure is heavy! (Hai Linpeng reports grove of reporter of Shan head Metropolis Daily)

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