The way that publication group diversity develops is discussed
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Last year the end of the year, the whole of Liaoning publication medium appears on the market in the press one stone stimulates 1000 billow. Recently, liaoning publishs medium to issue announcement again, the publishing house of Liaoning teenager children that announcement imitates whole to buy Liaoning to publish banner of group limited company to fall 3 presses. Rise as what publication group management and capital run a level, publication group is entering the diversity that is main avenue with producing catenary conformity to develop level. It is oriented transverse conformity to be oriented transverse conformity with content with content, it is the resource conformity on base of existing publication resource. The publication group of our country, the less than look that carried out clarity in the beginning of establish is oriented integrated train of thought, in have the base that puts an amount to go up, integrated books is published, the press and electronic sound resemble publishing reach a network to publish wait for business content. As the swift and violent development that the number publishs, publication group still brings into digitlization strategy the course that oneself develops. Recently, company of Chinese publication group was established " limited company of medium of figure of Chinese publication group " , push digitlization strategy energetically, extended the industrial cable length of content direction further. Also should see at the same time, our country publishs the content diversity conformity of the group, the annex that is ligament originally unlike as a way of of group of developed country medium recombines, drive the system of next implementation to reform in administrative force however. Accordingly, the dimensions after conformity is changed and the movement with synergism particular need is adjusted period. Current, publication course of study is in the where the wind and the waves are highest that appear on the market, this publication medium plans to buy 3 publishing houses that have distinguishing feature each, of adumbrative capital movements level rise, be sure to bring new the industrial catenary with round of oriented content is integrated. The administration at the beginning of this kind of conformity and group are established matchs the biggest market consciousness that differs to depend on its be ligament with capital. When endowment force produces main effect in the diversity business in the group, the performance of resource conformity can get rising. But the social responsibility of the exterior sex that also should notice content industry itself is had at the same time and bear of publication group place, control the negative effect of capital. The fore-and-aft conformity that is based on value for oriented fore-and-aft conformity with value catenary includes forward conformity and backward and integrated. the publication company that to be located in on publication industry catenary value creates core position, begin the fore-and-aft conformity that is based on value lotus, the conformity that main show is suppliers of pair of upriver raw material and its business and the conformity to downstream channel distributor and its business. The publication group of our country is much in establish supply the goods and materials of direction of industrial value catenary, presswork, issue and the function enterprise of copyright brings into a banner to fall, what will supply catenary to go up is exterior trade translate into interior trades, reduce trade cost. If Shanghai century publishs a group to divide advocate outside the publication business of battalion, return sortie books to issue, retail, content flows, CD is duplicate wait for relevant domain. Jiangxi publishs a group to make up resource of print and distribute for conformity, realize the fore-and-aft unifinication of industrial chain, as new as Jiangxi 2007 China issue limited company and learn to change (China) investment limited company, joint investment Jiangxi Hua Aoyin Wu is finite liability company, this action was changed not only before Jiangxi high-quality goods pressworks be short of the passive aspect that lose, the industrial catenary conformity that also is a group optimizes infuse energy. But, our country publication group is oriented industrial catenary conformity to return with value very not perfect, main show is backward and integrated much, forward and integrated little. In only then rise continuously at the paper value last year in, publication enterprise is short of as a result of link of industrial catenary upper reaches break, inevitably incur trade cost and risk cost rise brought loss. A few presses must passive with publication price but rise to answer measure. Accordingly, the management risk that publication group brings to answer resource raw material to rise, what should combine oneself business situation to undertake industrial catenary is forward and integrated, reduce trade cost and risk cost. It is a purpose in order to realize accrual and dispersive risk of catenary of multivariate and integrated industry multivariate and integrated it is to show the enterprise is passed strategical asset recombines and of each crucial resource again integrated, enter the industry with investment higher return rate, begin the diversity that crosses a trade to manage. Multivariate and integrated a kind of when the medium group that is western developed country uses generally management strategy, depend on be opposite character actually capital gains is the biggest the pursuit that change and dispersive to the risk demand. Group of phoenix publication medium has sound of electron of press of books of 8 directly under, country to resemble not only publish and Jiangsu is new China publish a group, still own line of business of buy of phoenix of phoenix stage restaurant, Jiangsu limited company, jiangsu phoenix education expands limited company of art of phoenix of limited company, Jiangsu, accuse a Jiangsu Inc. of science and technology of new wide couplet, limited company of negotiable securities of Inc. of share Jiangsu bank, Nanjing, business involves the field such as meal, estate, education, science and technology, finance, from its business structure and group written guarantee the train of thought of conformity of catenary of group diversity industry can see clearly in compose. Take the lead in putting forward " publication industry diversity " Anhui publishs a group, will hold to for years " do strong advocate course of study, make big industry " development strategy, through the go up development of a few, the group is initial formed the sound between books and periodicals, electron to resemble, the network is published and presswork, CD production, goods and materials is supplied, content shedding deserves to send, the industrial catenary of the whole form a complete set such as medical sale, foreign trade. Current, this group is making real estate of Anhui culture commerce hard the first brand -- " square of culture of Hua Lun international " , plan to make piece " culture is recreational " with " one-stop culture is consumed " the state of management course of study that joins. The method of conformity of catenary of 3 kinds of industries is publishing above across of regular meeting of the classics in group development process is used. Notable is, no matter take kind of conformity of catenary of which kinds of industry, want to combine the advantage of group oneself and distinguishing feature, avoid blind dilate to wait " extensive diversity " behavior. Piao its are appear on the market in the group after financing, more important discretion invests, pay attention to advocate of business Wu maintain those who reach a brand to forging with safeguard. The development from western medium group can see in course, "Extensive diversity " the may not that capital dilate brings is high income and low risk, the blind dilate of impropriety is met instead whole of drag in group develops. Accordingly, the diversity of publication group develops, should again some more reason.

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