Presswork the other one side that the enterprise innovates: "Think in place "
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In the market competition grows in intensity today, more and more pressworking the talk that the enterprise begins to explore innovation actively, those who will obtain the otherness of oneself product and service or cost is managing, with getting a business live with development. And when speaking of innovation, commonly used the concept that arrive is " jump out to think (Thinking Outside The Box) " . After all, innovation is meant leave off thought tie, break original frame, resemble giving different kind or certain new material by idle dream, this also is to presswork the innovation since the circle is extended is thematic. But is what this innovates namely all? Not certain. Nowadays more and more print personages, especially numerous and Euramerican supplier and presswork business management person discovery, certain moment, best innovation is in we all around, be opposite for example all round us already resource tries more using, can help us so more the innovation that is centered at us. This is the other one side of innovation: "Think in place (Think Inside The Box) " , this kind of concept is becoming more and more popular in the innovation attempt inside print. "Think in place " innovation concept encourages people to use oneself to already had resource morely (or reduce the use to already having resource) , the change of creativity is made on familiar domain or product, this also is the behavior of greatly managing cost. This needs people to to oneself already resource undertakes reasonable evaluate, seek a kind of new method to use them. E.g. , assume your main business end 2008 is promotion profit rate. Below current economic condition, you want to reach this goal actively, if offer new product of active sale strategy, development to appear on the market,can use, depreciate the means such as sales promotion, this is a kind " jump out to think " innovation means. And think conversely, to promote gain the value, you also can collect attention focus in oneself likewise already on some things: Workshop, equipment, employee, bear imprint content, printing ink. You perhaps can think: "How can my workshop help me promote gain to lead? " but such as faucet did not concern close, raw material store undeserved bring about discard as useless wait for small business, can cause management cost directly rise. From this, make relevant controller realizes this problem adequately, the effort that passes them endeavors to reduce the cost of this respect, appear very important. In addition, sincere be like " the person goes the lamp to destroy " , the change that computer or work station involve to show screen to although little job is used to,wait when production ends, also meet those who bring management cost be reduced greatly, can promote afore-mentioned goals reach. And the cause that how your employee helps you reach promotion to be filled with interest rate? Can encourage path of additional monarch of sale or section of the market for example, from a market not quite seductive part is developed actively, bring a surprise extremely likely to you, draw on more businesses from this (should match with oneself production current situation of course) , perhaps reach new, the market idea that has originality extremely also is not impossible. The workshop that also does not forget you, customer service is financial even branch, inform them how should do with promotion sale is mixed reduce cost. The employee inside the workshop may is opposite give birth to those who produce working procedure or flow to optimize have original opinion, just carry away simply even a piece of block up the table that they are in to B from A place, can bring the great improvement that produces flow. In the meantime, can from change shifts the rationalize of the system or avoid workshop are common the respect such as manufacturing stoppage makes great efforts the manufacturing efficiency that will promote each team and group. Customer service branch may have a few to get more from inside client data valuable the method of information, financial department has a few possibly also to reduce the method of cost, a few fee that pay like routine of reasonable the price difference that uses the difference between the bank to bring about, managing company. Also can change direction already some pressworking equipment, bear imprint the respect such as raw material of etc of content, printing ink or resource, will promote gain to lead, among this even if the little change of working flow or dosage of raw material bad news, can cause the great difference of cost. Notable is, begin to ask a company in you afore-mentioned " input " (manufacturing cost) when, such behavior often can urge employee more with one one's heart endeavors ground investment arrives to increase as far as possible " yield " (production value or sale value) in effort. Afore-mentioned example are not the has innovation sex more idea that the ordinary person thinks, but these example more accord with great majority to presswork enterprise or other image duplicate of kind of enterprise the commonnest actual. Need is additional those who remind you is, in the process that achieves afore-mentioned goals, with " what can you do to come telesis " such asking sentence replace " it what do is OK to what do telesis " , received result will be better.

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