The United States pressworks company strategy move presents new trend
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American print is experiencing the change of world-shaking at present. According to England " presswork weekly " report, a lot of United States presswork the enterprise also is in from go up at all the transition strategy that implementing oneself -- presswork the factory is trying to change their " presswork " label, namely besides presswork beyond the service, they still hope to be able to offer sale for the client, cross media news report and unifinication to presswork a variety of services such as the solution. Tendercy one: Location pressworks the price still competitive far-sighted pressworks the factory has realized now, their presswork the client can buy sheet in any place now -- countrywide each district, abroad go up with Internet. Presswork quality already was divisional no longer presswork the only standard of factory stand or fall, each presswork the factory can be a client to serve the product that has top quality inside the shortest time now; But inside the geographical area with specific certain, presswork the price still has certain competition ability. Tendercy 2: Help client uses enterprise database effectively so, presswork how can the factory just gain more business chance for oneself? The answer uses other technology to be current business client to offer the rise in value that they need truly to serve namely. Common appreciation service includes to mail, enclose, sales promotion project and website development. Some presswork the professional IT that the factory still lets him even and database administrator go helping a client use enterprise database effectively, when making they are undertaking communication with their potential client, become more businesslike and more creative. Tendercy 3: Presswork the factory is added mail service nowadays, had had more and more pressworking the factory can offer a network to arrive for the client presswork, personalized webpage, custom-built change presswork and media served, include CD-ROM among them found and duplicate. This was represented presswork the development way with new plant, also make these enterprises had the actual strength that competes with the media of different type and communication company at the same time. Presswork the factory was added mail service, and mail the company was introduced again presswork equipment, this is both had made an inseparable whole it seems that. Below a lot of circumstances, print Wu had transferred a behind the curtain it seems that, and appear before the client, often be the brand-new appreciation service that is jumping-off place with the solution.

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